In which I invite you to look at my butt.

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So I was interviewed recently for the long-running Kirk-centric Star Trek podcast Look at His Butt by the show’s lovely and charming hosts Lene and the possibly-pseudonymous Jungle Kitty. No, don’t worry, no butts are discussed, least of all mine, but we do talk Trek for about 20 minutes, discussing my thoughts on the new movie, merchandise past and present, the Trek funnybooks, and so forth. (I totally blanked on who was publishing what Trek reprints in trade paperback form, so please excuse my errors.)

Anyway, I’m no good at extemporaneous speaking for things like this, but if think you can handle my word salad-esque babbling, you may find the podcast here. Please feel free to give it a download and a listen. And thanks again to the ladies for inviting me on…this really is one of my favorite podcasts, and it was both fun and a bit strange to have these familiar voices suddenly talking to me!

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