Some hyperbole may be present in today’s post.

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  • AS FORETOLD BY PROPHECY: it’s the nigh-inevitable second pulse-pounding chapter of THE CHRONICLES OF SOLOMON STONE, as told by Chris Sims, Matthew Allen Smith, and Benjamin Birdie. Who else could do it? Who else would dare?

    Anyway, go check it out. Secure your skull first, because your brain may explode from exposure to unfettered awesomeness.

  • Okay, gang, seriously, did you really think we didn’t know how the first Rocky movie ended? The joke is both more and less subtle than that, honest!

    Anyway, pal Dorian has been rewarded with an enormous amount of attention for his “Uncomfortable Plot Summaries” post, and, surprisingly, nearly all of it has been positive. Good on him, and I, along with several other internet pals, were very happy to have been part of it. (I’m particularly pleased that one of entries I wrote, for Star Wars: A New Hope, has been cited quite frequently.)

    Keep checking back, as a few new good entries have been popping up in the comments section.

  • A couple of notes about yesterday’s post: pal Cully let me know that this letter is from 1976, that he was eleven(!) years old, and (to answer Steve Canadian‘s question), alas, Marvel kept the art and Cully didn’t make any copies of it. But Cully says as far as he remembers, it was just some character he created himself.

    If you want a slightly more recent sample of Cully’s art, you can see the cover of his comics digest Skulldog in this post of mine from a while back.

  • Here’s a great hidden gem of a website that you should check out: Dateline: Silver Age, featuring the best in-story newspaper headlines ripped from yesterday’s comics! A nicely designed site with entertaining content…almost sublime in its beauty.

    And here’s one that I spotted in my referral logs over the last few days: Roasted Peanuts, a site taking good advantage of the embedding service to provide commentary on the classic Peanuts comic strips.

    I should also note that Living Between Wednesdays now has its own domain name and has undergone a swank new redesign with lots of new content. Currently featured: an interview with Jeff Parker!

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