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  • So I, along with several internet pals, chipped in on pal Dorian’s latest post where we all came up with, shall we say, alternative descriptions of movies and TV shows that are uncomfortable at best, downright rude at worst. So go, enjoy, be offended, maybe.
  • I got a mention in the latest episode of Look at His Butt, which perhaps I should explain is a Star Trek podcast with a specific focus on Captain Kirk, William Shatner, and, occasionally, the butt they share. Anyway, they were quite amused by the Trek items from the latest End of Civilization and decided to share it with their listeners, which was quite nice of them.
  • I also got a brief mention in another podcast, 2 People Talking, in which I’m brought up during a discussion of, what else, Swamp Thing. Specifically, during a review of the recently released Saga of the Swamp Thing hardcover, which (SPOILER) Angie liked.
  • Enough about me, here’s more about me…well, okay, about a friend, Pal Tom F., graduate of the Kubert School and the fella who let me borrow these Kubert School ‘zines…anyway, he’s got a DeviantART page where he’s showing off some of his swell illustrations. Please, go check it out.

    Speaking of Tom, the other day he brought in an original drawing of Swamp Thing recently done for him by his former classmate Steve Bissette, which of course made me insanely jealous. It’s the third one down on this page and it’s even more awesome seeing it in person.

  • And as long as we’re talking about Swamp Thing: Swamp Thing and Floronic Man Legos. I knew adding “swamp thing” to my Google Alerts would pay off someday.

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