And I would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren’t for you meddling kids.

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  • So the Dr. Strange promo poster I posted on Friday has elicited some reactions from two of the internet’s biggest proponents of the good Doctor: some commentary at Sanctum Sanctorum, which includes some nice words about me (always appreciated); and of course, some thoughts from the Living Embodiment of Comics Weblogging, the enigmatic and always excellent Neilalien. Go read ’em both!
  • I think reading both Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam! and the Shazam Family-heavy Justice Society of America this week may have given me whiplash, considering the vast differences in tone used with essentially the same set of characters. I will have to say seeing the extremely pissed-off and badass Wizard Shazam in JSA was…satisfying, in a strange way.

    Also, I must not have been paying attention or something, because Mike Kunkel, artist/writer of the Billy Batson book, has had a long-running blog devoted to his efforts on this title and I only just now discovered it. Clearly I need to start spending more time on the internet.

  • Generally I let the employees handle register duty, because…well, mainly because I’ve done register duty long enough over the years, and now someone else can do it. But also partially because right now, with my wild mane of hair, scraggly beard, and (currently) my cane, I look like a Scooby Doo villain and frankly, the customers don’t need my horrifying visage glaring back at them from the other side of the counter, while I’m demanding they hand over their money. So I let Employees Aaron, Kid Chris, and Tim switch off on that particular task, as they still yet retain their youth and some glimmer of joy and hope.

    Employee Aaron, in particular, has been heavily pimping the forthcoming Free Comic Book Day (1st Saturday in May, remember!) to any and all customers who dare come within proselytizing range, and yesterday this resulted in my favorite reaction yet to the news. A young man, about 8 or 9 years old, reacted thusly upon hearing about the free bounty of comics soon to be unleashed within our store:

    “Free comics? For no money!?”

    The very thing, sir!

  • Watched the new Wonder Woman direct-to-DVD animated movie this weekend. Not bad, not bad…a few good gags, plenty of action, and bless ’em for trying, but you can try to justify WW’s costume in-story all you want, it’s still a tough sell. It’s a reasonably entertaining way to kill an hour or so at the very least. And that was Mike Sterling’s ENTHUSIASTIC REVIEW™. (Should note that the girlfriend loved it. Any movie where the women kick butt and take names, she’s all over it.)

    In related DC Animated news, as least as it relates to me, I’m currently beginning to watch all the ’90s Batman: The Animated Series DVDs straight through (or at least ’til I’m burnt out on them), courtesy the Netflix. I’ve seen plenty of them over the years, of course, but only sporadically and nowhere near all of them. Amazing how rough around the edges (but still darkly beautiful) those early episodes appear, especially when compared to the slicker superhero cartoons being produced today. Hard not to look at those early appearances of Renee Montoya and not think “oh, hey, it’s the new Question.” (Okay, maybe not that hard.)

  • ANOTHER COMMERCIAL REMINDER: I’ve relisted a few things on the eBay that didn’t sell in previous weeks, now (mostly) at lower prices, so if you’d like to help subsidize the time and energy I spend on this site every day, feel free to bid (or you can just send a donation via the PayPal link in the sidebar…I would be most appreciative of that as well). MY PROMISE TO YOU: all money earned via eBay sales/PayPal goes to things like “utilities” and “food,” and NOT to dumb stuff I don’t really need. (That’s what the Amazon referral credit is for.)
  • And now, suddenly, BATMAN THE MUSICAL:

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