"Your Choice – 88 Cents Each."

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What I like most about ads like these:

…are the little cartoony drawings contained therein. For example:

Wha–? That dog’s not working at all. He’s just hanging around outside the office building, taking yet another smoking break, the shirker.

I’m not sure how happy a real policeman would be about someone passing out fake parking tickets. Unless that’s the prankster in the 88-cent “Impersonate an Officer of the Law” costume, moments before the arrest.

The expression is great…he is dismayed and puzzled by the explosions on his fingertips. “The pinky’s gone nuclear…nuclear!”

This is quite possibly the saddest person alive. He simply can’t believe one of his “friends” pulled this hoary old joke on him. “Did you really blacken the end of a telescope to give me a black eye? Really? …Which of the Little Rascals put you up to this?”

And…hey, wait a second:

…is that the same as one of these? Looks like some of the ten functions may be a little different now.

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