In which Mike exposes himself to worldwide ridicule.

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So on a New Comics Day a couple of months back, as we were breaking down the order in the morning before we opened, Employee Aaron, Kid Chris, and I were discussing the works of Dr. Seuss, as we often do. Specifically, we were discussing The Lorax, and I found myself in the position of trying to recall the name of the Lorax’s industrial nemesis.

Now, as a former children’s librarian, and as a former child who had been exposed to both the book and film versions of The Lorax multiple times, I should have remembered the antagonist’s name. But, at that moment, all I could come up with was this: “Well, I know this isn’t the character’s name, but it sounds something like…’the Sneezler.'”

Well, this was apparently the funniest thing Employee Aaron and Kid Chris have ever heard, because they laughed their fool heads off that morning, and even now, months later, they’re still giving me a ration of shit about it.

The character’s actual name, by the way, is the Once-ler, but I’m sure I didn’t need to tell any of you folks that. I figure, though, that the Sneezler could have been a fitting nemesis for the Lorax, chopping down forests and pulping trees to make enormous supplies of tissue paper for his gargantuan nose, as seen here in this hastily-drawn rendition:

Yes, the Sneezler also goes barefoot. He’s allergic to shoes. I guess.

So there you go…I didn’t have anything to say about comics today, so instead you get another example of why I’m a big dope and none of you should ever listen to me about anything.

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