Three things.

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1. So my gag in yesterday’s post about Piers Anthony’s Incarnations of Immortality series resulted in some unexpected knowledge, courtesy reader Brian: that’s there’s an eighth book in the series, released relatively recently. Entitled Under a Velvet Cloak, it adds Arthurian legend into the mix (which I don’t recall being part of this series prior to this, though feel free to correct me) and despite the fact the series hit diminishing returns fairly quickly, I still feel that urge to read this one, too. Hell, I’ve read Star Wars novels…I’ll pretty much read anything.

I’ll just drop one of these handy things in here, in case any of you want to read it as well:

I had to go look it up on Amazon right away after Brian dropped that bombshell on me. I totally thought he was joking.

I may have been a bit hard on the series…I did enjoy it overall, and like Tim said, For Love of Evil, the sixth book in the series, was actually a bump upward in the series’ quality. But the clever world-building from the first book seemed more forced as the series progressed, the situations more ridiculous, the suspension of disbelief less willing…keep in mind it’s been a while since I’ve read these, so I’m working off general remembered impressions rather than any specifics. Could very well be if I reread them today (and I could if I wanted…they’re still right there on my bookshelves) I’d like them for the quickie surface-level fantasy pulp adventure that they are and be less of a Mr. Critical-Pants about them.

But seriously, the magical giant flying fish everyone was riding around in. There’s just no getting over that.

2. THIS:

…is completely awesome. It’s also completely sold out, alas, but second printings are coming. It’s a wonderful piece of work by Roger Langridge, structured just like an episode of the Muppet Show, with skits, behind the scenes mayhem, Statler and Woldorf, and even a musical number which, oddly enough, actually works on the printed page. Boom Studios really knocked this one out of the park, and if you can’t find a copy right now, be sure to look later in April when the reprints hit the market.

3. I was totally lying yesterday about having eaten spicy chicken wings. I don’t like spicy foods. Progressive Ruin regrets this shameful episode of deceit.

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