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In yesterday’s post, it was indicated that The Spirit did more poorly in the box office than Punisher War Zone, when in fact the opposite is true. Progressive Ruin regrets the error.

Also in yesterday’s post, it was claimed that Green Lantern #40 was only reprinted in three other publications, but apparently it has been reprinted in more places than originally noted. Progressive Ruin regrets the error.

In addition, certain assumptions were made regarding potential scheduling problems with Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely’s forthcoming Batman and Robin series. These were already addressed in interviews with the creative team. Progressive Ruin regrets the error.

In a previous post, Secret Invasion was described as “readable.” Progressive Ruin regrets the error.

In this site’s review of the Watchmen film, Dr. Manhattan’s penis was only mentioned in passing, when in fact it should have been discussed and commented upon and joked about ad nauseum. Progressive Ruin regrets the error.

During last year’s Free Comic Book Day giveaway, the store associated with this site gave away as many comics to as many people as was possible, until supplies ran out. Progressive Ruin was supposed to regret this error, apparently.

Over the last several years, All Star Batman and Robin has been described by many a fan and critic as not being a good comic. Progressive Ruin regrets your error.

Due to a records issue, the age of this site’s owner was noted last week as being 40, when in fact he is 24. Progressive Ruin wishes this was an error to regret.

A while back, this site spent about a week discussing the Batman and Robin movie. Progressive Ruin regrets the error.

About three years ago Employee Aaron was hired. Progressive Ruin regrets the error.

The site’s owner kept reading Piers Anthony’s Incarnations of Immortality series past, oh, the third or fourth book. Progressive Ruin doesn’t really regret the error, as such, but boy that was rough goin’.

While the store ordered a lot of the book itself, Watchmen tie-in products and parodies and the like were ordered at very low numbers. Progressive Ruin regrets the er…well, no, actually, it doesn’t.

Many years ago, the site’s owner saw both Mannequin and Mannequin 2: On The Move in the theatre. Progressive Ruin really doesn’t know what it was thinking.

About five and a half years ago, the Progressive Ruin weblog was started. Progressive Ruin only occasionally regrets the error.

In the ’90s, a crossover series between Valiant Comics and Image Comics seemed like a great idea and that the store should order lots of copies. Progressive Ruin regrets the error.

For lunch, this site’s owner had an extra helping of the spicy chicken wings. Hoo boy, is he regretting the error.

In a previous post, a number of bird images were mislabeled. Progressive Ruin egrets the error.

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