Mike’s "Takin’ It Easy" post.

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I seem to have caught yet another lousy cold, so I’m going to chintz out a bit on today’s entry, if it’s all the same to you folks.

In response to yesterday’s Batman Beyond post, pal Dan asks if I’ve seen the Return of the Joker movie yet. Yes, I did, back when it was originally released. Well, let me amend that…I passed on the first release, and picked up the “unrated/uncensored/unwhatevered” version, that was just a tad more violent and a tad less dumbed down that the original “kiddie” version. Though in this case “kiddie” is bit of a misnomer, since no matter how you slice it, the general plot of the film is about as bleak and unpleasant as one of these cartoons generally can get. I don’t want to get into too many spoilers, but there are some pretty distressing fates awaiting some of (the original) Batman’s supporting characters/villains.

Here, have an Amazon link…you can get this movie for rockbottom prices now, apparently:

Also, Streaker asks if I’ve seen the Watchmen Motion Comic yet, and the answer to that is no, though I did receive a copy for my birthday and will get around to it in the next few days, I think. Finding out it was just one guy doing all the voices and narration was bit of a surprise, but I imagine watching it will remind me of that very old show on the Nickelodeon channel where comic book stories were presented panel by panel and read aloud.

On a completely unrelated note, as I was trying to track down Grim Reaper images for my birthday post, I came across one of the most awesome horror comic covers ever. And while any story would have a hard time living up to that image, the actual story attached to that cover gives it its best shot. So enjoy, won’t you?

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