So, you see…

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…Rorschach was shouting for his face, and the next panel had Face (as played by Dirk Benedict) from The A-Team, and….

Okay, fine.

A couple of other 40th birthday follow-ups:

Tangognat conducted an e-mail interview with Dan Mishkin and Gary Cohn about their creation Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld, and it’s good readin’.

Pal Dorian has a category on his site entitled “Mike is unfair to little puppy dogs” and I’m not quite sure how I feel about that.

Remember a few days ago when I explained in possibly too much detail about how we feed the bargain boxes? Well, I was going through that process again this weekend, as we had a collection that came in where we bought a handful of ’60s and ’70s X-Men and ended up getting the rest of the collection dumped on us in the process.

Now, all of the comics were bagged, but that was the extent of the care with which they were treated, as they were all sort of dumped haphazardly in cardboard boxes of various sizes and left stored in what was probably a dusty corner of a garage somewhere. These things were caked with dust and dirt, and some of the bags were even splashed with what I was hoping was some kind of food spillage. As I said, at least they were bagged, or the conditions could have been a lot worse. But the conditions were shaky enough on these relatively common items (mostly ’70s and ’80s Marvels) that they’re almost all going to the bargain bins…soon as I replace all those awful, awful bags.

As we emptied out the cardboard boxes, we found a bunch of detritus beneath the books, including several pennies, a couple of small envelopes of foreign stamps (some apparently postmarked and removed from mailings), and a small action-figure scale plastic samurai sword.

And we found one of these:

Based on this issue of the Marvel series. Book is beat to crap (and water damaged!) but the record is still present and looks okay.

Given the state of this collection, we’ll take what we can get!

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