No post today…

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…as I went to the 11 PM showing of Watchmen, and I’m now writing this at about 3 in the morning with a New Comics Day starting in, oh, about six hours.

On the plus side of going to an 11 PM showing on a Monday night: there were a total of four people in the theatre, including my girlfriend and I. On the minus side: I’m writing this at 3 in the morning, as previously noted.

I’ll probably write some kind of longer review of the movie at some point, but in short: better than I was expecting, but the adaptation was almost all surface-level, with little of the depth (or, as should be expected, impact) of the original work. The book was better, but you knew that.

But what the hell, I got to see it for free, so I’m not complaining. Thanks, customer who gave us special promotional film passes from his radio job!

Anyway, enough about that…I’m off to bed.

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