See more of Seymour!

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So, in just a couple of days, Seymour-Mania will be sweeping the nation!

The unsung hero of Watchmen, the moral center of the story, the steadfast witness to history, the indefatigable champion of the common man, unbowed even in an unpleasant work environment, undefeated even in the face of disaster. SEYMOUR ENDURES.

Seymour Fever! Catch it!

Also, this is allegedly going to be in our Diamond shipment today:

I’m not going to believe it until I’m actually holding it in my hands. And maybe not even then. I may just chalk it up to some delusion induced by consuming too many Diet Cokes.

When I went looking for a pic of the cover, I saw this on the official Marvel Comics site:


And yeah, yeah, I know, you don’t need to explain banner ad placement details to me. Just enjoy it for what it is. Reminds me a bit of when you used to see some toy or candy ads with DC heroes in a Marvel comic, or vice versa.

Or maybe it reminds me a little of the greatest Pizzazz cover of all time. Well, okay, it really didn’t remind me of that, but I’m always looking for an excuse to bring up that cover again.

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