Inside UFO 54-40 was just mean, man.

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Scans_Daily, the long-running LiveJournal community dedicated to providing scanned pages of comics new and old with varying levels of “fair use” (ranging from “well within” to “not even in the slightest”) was taken down the other day. Johanna has a sympathetic take on the situation, whereas Kevin gives ’em an extra kick in the rear out the door (URL may not be safe for work). EDIT: And Lisa drops in some solid commentary about the situation, which I’m sure will result in the sort of reasoned, rational response the internet is known for.

I keep meaning to mention an odd coincidence involving once-former-now-current-again-employee Kid Chris. His home phone number is one digit off from the store’s phone number. And he once received a call that went a little something…like this:

(phone rings)

Kid Chris: “Hello?”

Guy on phone: “Is this Ralph’s Comic Corner?”

Kid Chris: “No, you have the wrong number…but I work at Ralph’s Comic Corner. Can I help you with something?”

Guy on phone: “…What?”

Then there’s the fact that Kid Chris’ address is similar enough to the address of one of our longtime regular customers that the customer’s Wizard subscription is often delivered to KC’s house. But that’s a story for another time. Er, except I just told the whole story. Never mind.

Seriously, there are moments when I think “they didn’t really actually make a Watchmen movie, did they?” and then I realize we’re less than a week away from it opening and it just blows my mind, man.

Sure, it’s probably not any good, but just that it exists is enough to mess with me.

Because internet pal Dave is awesome, he made this for me:

Nearly all the endings result in some horrible death, except for the one that ends with you becoming manager of a comic shop, which in some ways is even more terrifying.

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