A few quick Friday notes.

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  • Well, I think this comment on my post about the effect of text pieces in Watchmen is bit of a gross mischaracterization. I’m not calling (or being just short of calling) anyone a “dumbass” by telling them to skip the text pieces. It was a matter of the story’s pacing being affected by supplementary material when presented in collected form, not comprehension of the actual text pieces themselves, that I was discussing. If you think the text pieces are adversely affecting the enjoyment of the narrative, particularly when you’ve got the whole thing under one cover just sitting in front of you waiting to be read…hell, just skip the back-ups, come back to them later. No big whoop.

    I’m not going to repeat my entire discussion (you can just reread the original post), but I just wanted to emphasize no one was calling anyone else stupid here. I was just making an observation based on customer feedback, not standing in judgment of lesser beings. I save that for those puny, misguided mortals who don’t like All Star Batman.

  • Pal Dorian wants to know just why, exactly, you think Aquaman is lame…if in fact that’s what you think about him.

    Dor and I have talked discussed this once or twice at the shop, and I even brought it up here when talking about characters to revamp. Not that we’re talking about how lame Aquaman is, just that there’s nothing specifically wrong with the core concept. Anyway, don’t tell me about it, tell Dor.

  • Happy ninth anniversary to Neilalien, the greatest comics blogger of them all, and the one that blazed the trail for all the rest of us who followed. Thanks, Neilalien, for all those years of great writing, solid linkblogging, and wonderfully obsessive Doctor Strange content. Here’s to many more years of your insight and wit!

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