"Yatta yatta Tom Selleck."

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So last night I saw, for the very first time, the animated version of Warlock from the ’90s X-Men cartoon:

image from this eBay auction

Warlock was from one of those too few periods in the last couple of decades or so where something interesting was being done with the X-Men franchise…in this particular case, giving New Mutants to Bill Sienkiewicz to draw:

Obviously there’s bit of a difference there between the comic book version and the cartoon version, but all things considered, they didn’t do too badly. In fact, animated Warlock didn’t look too dissimilar from the comic book representations by artists that weren’t Sienkiewicz. The cartoon version wasn’t without its charm…it was googly-eyed goofy enough to get across that sense of oddity that the character brought to the X-Universe. If anything, it was one brief bit of personality in a cartoon that, from the few installments I’ve seen, seems sorta generically bland.

Anyway, aside from all that, I wanted to run this panel from Sienkiewicz’s run as well:

…you know, just because.

images from New Mutants #21 (Nov. 1984) by Chris Claremont & Bill Sienkiewicz

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