I am the worst blogger in the world.

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So I’m starting this post awfully late to be attempting the time-intensive “respond to the comments” post that I’ve been thinking about doing for the Youngblood-related responses you folks have been leaving. That, and the fact I have a small scratch on my eye from some damned thing or ‘nother which has me squinting painfully at everything, is telling me to lay off yet more Youngblood talk until I can devote a little more time and concentration to it.

I apologize for that…I had every intention of wrapping things up today and moving on, since I’m sure you’ve all heard enough on the topic to last you for a while. But I’ll try to get to it first thing next week. I do appreciate all the response I’ve received, and I especially like that we’ve heard from several enthusiastic fans of Liefeld’s, giving us a perspective on the man’s output that you usually don’t come across on comic sites or in the funnybook press.

Anyway, I’m begging off today, and tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, so I’ll probably slack off then, too. Let’s try this again on Sunday, internet pals.

In the meantime, here’s a link to a Kaz strip sent along by Reader Paul, that is of special interest to…well, me, I guess. But maybe you’ll like it, too.

Thanks for reading, everyone. Even when I’m being a bad blogger, like today.

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