There is love enough in the world for even this.

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Okay, so I may have been a bit hard on Youngblood yesterday. Well, I don’t want people thinking that I don’t play fair, so I’m opening up the floor here to you folks.

What I want from you is your best defense of Youngblood. And I mean the original Rob Liefeld-era Youngblood. Not the three or so issues by Alan Moore. Not the currently running series. But the original, classic, clenched teeth and speedlines and by God full-on Liefeldness of the original run. And maybe even Team Youngblood and Youngblood Strikefile, if you’re so inclined.

Give me your best shot. Tell me why you liked these comics. And I know some of you did…these comics did sell very well for a while, and even taking into consideration that a bunch were squirreled away for future investment and never cracked open, at least some issues were read. And enjoyed.

I’m not looking for facetious answers, and I’m not looking to make fun of anyone. Youngblood has a certain…reputation for its quality, but I know the book had its fans and I want to hear why. Leave your comments anonymously if you’d like. Just tell me why you were a fan of the book. I really do want to know.

So, please, have at it.

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