I wonder what "SKUL" was.

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The ad as it appeared in Saga of the Swamp Thing #2 (June 1982), sans name and address since I’m paranoid about that sort of thing:

And then in Saga of the Swamp Thing #3 (July 1982):

Not sure if the person who placed the ad arranged for the relettering, or if someone at the people who processed the ads took pity and did it for him. But now that most folks have access to computers and word processing and/or art programs, you don’t see a whole lot of sloppily-handwritten ads appearing in nationally-distributed, professionally-published comic books any more. Too bad…there’s a kind of charm to the first version of that ad that would be lost in 24-pt. Helvetica bold. (Or in Comics Sans, yes, yes, I know.)

EDIT: London Loves Comics covered this as well.

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