If you look at only one Manga Watchmen site today…

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make it this one.

That’s why I poke through my site’s referral logs…because sooner or later some of the trails found there will eventually lead me to sites like that. Go, enjoy manga versions of the Watchmen cast. WARNING: Manga Doctor Manhattan will break you.

Also found, poking around on that site: MANGA DARKSEID.

Other links of note:

  • Pal Dorian has finally transplanted (postmodernbarney.com) from Blogger to WordPress, and the results are quite nice-looking. That was one of my (many) broken New Year’s resolutions from last year, moving my site to WordPress, but now that Dor’s done it, I can bug him for help.
  • Stuff Geeks Love is back from the holiday hiatus. Thank goodness, since I’ve missed it.
  • Internet chum and movie endurer Ken Lowery has posted his 10 Best/5 Worst Movies list, which is good readin’, as is all of Ken’s writing over there. How good is he? He made me appreciate the film Doomsday after my initial “…the hell?” reaction.
  • I didn’t explicitly ask for predictions for the coming year in yesterday’s mile-long post, but if you want to leave some for examination next year, feel free in that post’s comments section.

    I’m probably going to hold off on making any predictions myself…well, other than someone will do something stupid that’ll cause me irritation out of proportion to the actual offense, but only because that seems to happen every year anyway.

  • Some serious stuff:

    Here’s an update on Carla and her husband Lance, injured in the recent Santa Barbara fires.

    And this is the most recent update on the murder of our longtime customer Sean. Not much new news so far, other than his employers offering a $10,000 dollar reward. I also want to note that friends of Sean’s have set up some donation jars around town to raise money for his family, including at our shop…and I’m glad to say that our customers have been very generous and giving.

    Very strange not seeing Sean at the shop this past week. Strange and sad.

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