I know this was supposed to be another follow-up on last year’s predictions…

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…but I got bit of a late start, it looks like that post will be a bit time intensive, and I’m still recovering from a cold I’ve been trying to shake all weekend, so WAH BLOGGING’S HARD. But I still love you…well, most of you, anyway…so here are a couple of awesome panels I wanted to share.

Like this one from Atlas Comics’ Targitt #1 (March 1975):

Frankly, I need to do an extended look at this comic someday, because for at least this first issue it’s an entertainingly-goofy two-fisted adventure book. Of course, this being Atlas Comics, there’s a complete turn-around in the comic’s premise in the very next issue, with the FBI agent title character getting a superhero costume.

And then there’s this panel from another Atlas title, Phoenix #4 (October 1975):

…and you can’t really turn up the drama much more than that, except that the title character begins his suicide attempt in the very next panel. But that panel up there…man, that’s like a giant emo monument to bleakness. Well done, sirs, well done.

Anyway, kind of a lame post, I know, but if I tried this again you all would rise up against me with your rakes and torches and I’m already facing that from the employees.

So, with any luck I’ll get around to discussing those predictions tomorrow. If, you know, you’re still interested.

Targitt #1 by Ric Meyers & Howard Nostrand, Phoenix #4 by Gary Friedrich, Ric Estrada & Frank Giacoia

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