Somebody somewhere will take at least one part of this post way too seriously.

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  • So the Final Crisis series and miscellaneous tie-ins have had two covers for each installment: the “stripe” cover, with a single thin image down the center, or the full “character focus” cover (for the lack of a better term), featuring an image that’s spread across the entire front of the book. I’ve been sticking with the “stripe” covers, to keep my collection of this series visually unified because sad old fanboys like me do things like that.

    But I made an exception for Final Crisis Secret Files, as it gave me a choice between a “stripe” cover with a generic pic of Wonder Woman, and this:

    Why yes, I’ll take a cool Frank Quitely cover, thank you.

    Also, from just a quick glance about the internets, apparently I’m the only person who liked this comic. Go ahead, tell me I’m wrong for liking it, you know you want to.

  • The big nerd to-do yesterday was the announcement of the actor taking the role of the Eleventh Doctor for the long-running Doctor Who franchise, and the lucky fellow finding himself the target of angry message boarders everywhere is Matt Smith. I’m not a hardcore Whovian, but I do enjoy the show and, while any reasonable person realizes it’s too early to make any real kind of judgment call, I find myself looking forward to Smith taking on the role and seeing what direction the show goes in.

    Of course, I can hope for a nice, clean break from the subplots and supporting characters from the previous few years. I think the still-remaining specials starring the current Doctor, David Tennant, will go a long way to putting some distance between the baggage of the previous seasons and giving the new fellow a fresh start. I mean, it’s not like we’re not going to get the prerequisite Dalek episode(s), but just so long as we don’t get “hmm, well, let’s pop in and see how Rose/Martha/Donna is/are getting on” for at least a while, that’ll be fine. Because I’m sure the show’s producers are depending upon my approval.

    Anyway, yesterday on the Twitter, during the pre-announcement hoohar that was happening on that site, I posted this message:

    “I think Dr. Stephen Hawking was a very brave choice for the eleventh Doctor Who.”

    …because 1) hey, he’s British, and 2) like Hawking isn’t enough of a geek himself to totally take the role if they offered it to him.

    A few of my Twitter pals took up the phrasing of “I think ___________ was a very brave choice for the eleventh Doctor Who” and the end result was, well, this, some of which I thought were pretty funny, and plus had the added bonus of making me responsible for a little Twitter havoc. I’ve finally accomplished something.

    (Tip of the toupee to Dave for the Twitter search link.)

  • Also yesterday on the Twitter, I posted my idea of creating a massage parlor targeted at comic fans, with the entire staff costumed like Kitty Pryde from her various incarnations. This will make me rich beyond imagining.
  • I haven’t had a chance to go see The Spirit yet, but I’ve been having more and more customers tell me that they enjoyed it. No, really.

    I’m picturing it as some kind of terrifying fever dream of a film, from what I’ve been hearing (and by what I’ve seen, since I cheated a little and looked at the trading card set). I may not get around to it until I rent it from the Netflix, but I’m gonna see this flick, sooner or later.

  • Apparently Saturday at the shop it was Former Employee Reunion Day, as about a half-dozen or so former employees popped in and out throughout the day (with the unusual exception of former employee Jeff, who I swear has been at the shop more often now than when he was employed here). Ironically, the two people who are supposed to be here, Employees Aaron and Tim, are out all weekend, leaving poor Kid Chris to fill in.

    I know none of this is important to anyone, but I felt I had to mark the day so that at least I remembered.

  • What did reader Joshua give me for New Year’s Day? Why, he gave me All Star Swamp Thing, that’s what. Thanks, Joshua!

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