I’m just going to run off at the mouth a bit for New Year’s Eve.

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  • Reader Patrick pointed out something I didn’t know about…well, I knew about the John Stanley Melvin Monster collection, but I didn’t know about the forthcoming collection of his Nancy comics. That’s really cool…thanks, Patrick!

    Now if we can get The Complete Ernie Bushmiller Nancy, we would indeed be living in a perfect world. Hey, we got Herbie Archives…surely anything is possible in this future world of the year 2009 (well, just about 2009, anyway).

  • From the eBay: “MARVEL LEGENDS CUSTOM THE WATCHMEN” – to wit:

    That’s one ripped Dr. Manhattan. He’s Too Much Man for his trunks, apparently, since they don’t connect in the back, there. Or maybe that’s supposed to represent how the buttfloss just sort of disappears into OKAY I’M NOT WRITING ANY MORE ABOUT AN ACTION FIGURE’S BUTT.

    The Comedian has a killer mustache, too. Seriously, check this set out…the fella has nice big pics of all the figures, and it’s a pretty amusing traditional-superhero interpretation of the characters.

  • Say, remember that Swamp Thing/Sluggo pic Employee Aaron drew for me for Christmas? Pretend you do anyway.

    Well, he drew a curious character pairing for pal Dorian as well.

    What Aaron did this year was ask his friends what two characters they wanted him to draw for their Christmas presents…and when Dor told him which two characters he wanted, Aaron made the mistake of asking “what position do you want them to be in?”

    Oh, the evil, naughty laughter that emanated from deep within Dor’s darkened soul. And I laughed, too, since I’m also a bad person.

  • I just found out via the Twitter that the new Wild Cards novel is out, which somehow escaped the Mikester Nerd Radar. I’ve been a big fan of the Wild Cards-iverse since that first paperback came out in the mid-1980s, and I know some of you out there enjoy the series, too…so, here you go:

    Yeah, excuse the blatant commercialism, but I get a buck apiece for each one of these sold through my site, and I just need to sell about 300 of them so I can finally buy that Xbox 360 and fulfill my lifelong dream of blowing up the online gaming avatars of Chris Sims and Kevin Church. Because, really, they got it comin’. And how it can be “lifelong” when I’m older than both of them…eh, don’t ask.

  • Oh, okay, maybe they don’t have it comin’. To make up for my not-really-actionable-threat-I-was-just-joking-honest, here are links to Action Age Comics, with Free Funnybookin’ from Sims and some of his known accomplices, as well as Church’s new project Waimea, beautifully illustrated by Michael Dake.

    And of course, don’t forget Church and Birdie‘s The Rack, the comic that provides absolutely no escapism for me whatsoever since it takes place at a comic shop and mocks me with its accuracy.

  • And that’s probably about it for now. I hope everyone has a good New Year, and don’t try to drink too much (though if your name’s “Kevin,” “Ian” or “Tom” it’s probably already too late) and try to stay safe. I want to see all of you back here tomorrow in one piece.

    Okay? Okay! Happy New Year, everyone.

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