20-something-year-old Mikester predicts…THE FUTURE!

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Sorry, I’m returning to the well of my 1990s BBS posts again…please enjoy, won’t you?

MsgNum: 1566
From: Mikester
To: all
Subj: Movies?
Date: 08/14/95

Now that the X-Men cartoon has been so popular on television, chances are even better now for an X-Men movie. (Actually, since the poor showing of the Power Rangers movie, maybe studios will shy away from another TV to movies translation.) But, I still think an X-Men movie is inevitable, and I was wondering…what do you guys think about this possibility?

Personally, given Marvel’s track record with movies, the X-Men will probably be a disaster. I don’t WANT it to be a disaster…but given that 90% of movies are crap, and that percentage goes up if it’s a movie based on a comic, it’s a pretty good call that the movie will be bad.

Besides…NO ONE could dress as Wolverine and look anything but laughable.

I do a little better in this next post, responding to someone asking me about the cosmetic changes the Dungeons & Dragons line had gone through. I predict not only 3rd Edition D&D, but I even sort of foretell the “3.5” style of system revision it eventually had. Okay, it wasn’t that big of a stretch, but after my X-Men flub, I need something I can count as a win:

From: Mikester
To: Rand Al’thor
Subj: It’s all one big…company.
Date: 05/26/95
Reply-To: 1210

Yeah, I don’t know why they did that either. Though, TSR has done it before – basically changing the cover art without changing anything inside. I guess TSR felt it needed to liven up the AD&D line a bit, without going to a 3rd Edition version of the game. Think of it as version 2.1.

I can’t be held entirely responsible for this next post, as I was just repeating what I heard/read elsewhere. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. Also, I apparently wasn’t a Shadowhawk fan then, either:

MsgNum: 2068
From: Mikester
To: all
Subj: Movie and/or TV Comic News
Date: 01/07/96

I guess there’s a rumor going around that Alicia Silverstone (whom I’ve never seen in anything, though I’ve heard the name somewhere) is playing Batgirl in the upcoming fourth Batman film. This is in addition to the other rumors that Patrick Stewart would be playing Mr. Freeze and Julia Roberts would be playing Poison Ivy. Oh, and Val and Chris will be back (no rumor!) as Batman and Robin. With any luck, there’ll be room for a story or something, too.

There’s a live action Generation X movie (based on the Marvel comic of the same name) coming soon to Fox-TV…the shots I’ve seen of it look…really bad. Marvel also has TV-movies in the works for She-Hulk (ack!), the Punisher, and Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. (who, in the comics, is dead).

Next year there is supposed to be a live action Shadowhawk series. Give me a break.

Oh God, the “no rumor!” parenthetical aside. And hey, remember when Nick Fury was dead? Good times, good times.

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