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Those of you who follow my Twitter account saw me post something about this yesterday, but in case you didn’t see it…one of my longtime customers was shot and killed at the convenience store he worked at, just as he was nearing the end of his overnight shift.

Sean was a nice guy, who’d been coming into our shop on a regular basis since he was a kid. Always cheery, always wanted to talk about the latest comic book-based TV show or movie, always had a habit of accidentally leaving behind one of his gargantuan plastic bottles of water that he’d leave on a counter or next to a shelf while he shopped, which amused us. And sometimes, when he worked for the painting company, he’d come in, splattered with paint, to pick up his books, and he’d flash his hands at me and reassure me that the paint on his fingers was indeed dry.

I know he really loved watching and talking to us about the Smallville TV show, and one of the first things that flashed through my mind when I saw the newspaper article about his death was “now he’s never going to see the Legion of Super-Heroes episode he was so looking forward to,” which I realize is a really dumb and insignificant thing to think, but sometimes you can’t help what your brain churns up when confronted with a tragedy like this.

Like I said, Sean was a good guy, and certainly didn’t deserve to come to the violent end he did. Hopefully the police will catch the miserable, worthless bastards that took his life.

So long, Sean.

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