She was my favorite Catwoman.

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  • So for Christmas, Employee Aaron asked folks what two characters they’d like him to draw, and for their gifts they received that drawing in a frame.

    Well, of course, there were only two characters I could possibly ask for:

    …though I did strongly consider Herbie instead of Sluggo.

    Anyway, how ’bout that? It certainly makes me picture what menace would cause the creation of the World’s Finest Team of Swampy and Sluggo…though most likely Sluggo’s just luring Swamp Thing over to his house so he can make a salad since he’s too broke to go to the store to buy something off the shelf.

  • In case you missed it: civilization ended on Christmas Day. I have no idea how I managed to do this.
  • I linked this in yesterday’s post, as the new was just coming in as I was writing, but apparently the judge sided with Fox over its rights to the Watchmen film. According to the article, the ruling said that at the very least, Fox has the right to distribute the film, so…well, to be honest, you’ll have to ask someone who’s more on top of what’s going on what this means for the film’s release. I’m assuming, with no research whatsoever, that the film could still come out, but with Fox getting most of the profits. Assuming there are any profits, and the film doesn’t crash on takeoff. “Whoops, the film bombed…sorry about that lawsuit thing, Warner Brothers…you, er, you can have your film back, now.”

    I am fairly certain, however, that an internet petition will be of absolutely no use in this situation.

  • So long, Eartha.

    (image from

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