Blogging about blogging is a sin…

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…but I’ve got some bits and pieces about the site (and other sites!) I’d like to clear out, so bear with me here.

  • Say, you remember that Dave Campbell guy, don’t you? From that Dave’s Long Box site you may have read about in Newsweek?

    Well, it’s a Christmas miracle, for he’s back, and Daver than ever, at his new site:

    Society of Dave

    Actually, it’s titled “Society for the Advancement of Dave,” but “Society of Dave” will do if you’re, I don’t know, short on time and/or space or something.

    Anyway, Dave’s back, talking not just about comics, but whatever happens to come into his fevered brain…so enjoy, won’t you?

  • Well, it’s Christmas Eve, and at least in the States new comics are out today. Usually on Christmas Eve, we stay open until the store’s empty of customers and stays that way, and then we shut down early…but on a New Comics Day/Christmas Eve convergence, I guess we gotta stay the duration. Not that we’re open terribly late or anything, but still.

    So you all had better come in and spend LOTS OF MONEY today. Yes, all of you. Even the fella in Thailand that reads this site. I’d better see you here.

  • This Thursday would normally be an “End of Civilization” day here at Progressive Ruin Industries, but, well, there’s that Christmas thing going on, and while I will be up ’til the wee hours, I’ll be doing family stuff, and not important work like generating blog content. So unless plans change drastically, the “End of Civilization” will be, I don’t know, next Monday.

    It will be nice to be able to spend more time on it, rather than wishing for the quick release of death at 3 in the morning while trying to make up jokes about Japanese schoolgirl statues.

  • Hey, you know who’s posting again? That Mark guy over at Chaosmonkey, that’s who. He’s been writing an ongoing series there entitled “Hello to Comics,” discussing some of his favorites. Like that awesome Bible treasury comic DC put out. Go, read, encourage him to continue.
  • Batman: Cacophony #2 is now two weeks late. Just sayin’.
  • I know I keep saying I’m going to start the random, rotating title banner thing, but I never quite commit myself to doing it. So instead of saying “I’ll do it in a month” (or whenever) let’s just leave it at “I’ll get around to it eventually.”

    And if you want to submit your own, here are the details.

  • “Pal” Dorian keeps updating Mike Sterling Is A Big Cheater Pants, so be sure to pop on in over there about once a month and see what new, vicious libel Dor is posting about me.

And I guess that’s it for today. I will have something new up here tomorrow, but let me wish you all in advance a happy, safe holiday…and, as always, thanks for reading.

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