The Adventures of Mikester When He Was A Boy.

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Or, at least, in his 20s.

Found a few messages from my comics board on the Retreat BBS (which I spoke a little about yesterday). Thought you all might be amused by some of these:

MsgNum: 206
From: Mikester
Subj: “Loveline…it’s your f***ing time….”
Date: 11/09/94

For those of you who are avid KROQ fans, you may be interested in knowing that Todd McFarlane (former Marvel artist, currently doing Spawn) will be a guest host on Loveline in the next week or so. (Loveline runs Monday through Thursday nights, 10 PM ’til midnight, and on Sunday 8 PM to 10 PM (I think).)

Just thought I’d let you in on this tasty little tidbit of information.

(I wonder how many times Todd will have to be beeped?)

[The next one is in response to someone asking if I could tie these two particular characters/franchises together. One person responded that there’s actually a shorter route between the two, and pal Andy was moved to comment to me “man, you’re a geek,” before coming up with his own chain of connections tying Gilligan of Gilligan’s Island to Beavis and Butthead.]

MsgNum: 254
From: Mikester
Subj: Crossovers!
Date: 11/14/94

Okay, I won’t let you hang. I shall now prove to you the extent of my
nerdiness: here is how the Flaming Carrot can meet the Aliens.

1. The Flaming Carrot once met Cerebus.

2. Cerebus met the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

3. The Turtles once met Archie Andrews (of “Archie, Betty and Veronica” fame).

4. Archie met the Punisher.

5. Punisher fought Batman.

6. Batman fought the Predator.

7. And Predators, of course, fought Aliens.

See how easy that was?

[Because you’re going to ask…I’m talking about John Estes in this next bit, who was at our shop signing copies of a bookshelf-format Marvel book he’d painted.]

MsgNum: 476
From: Mikester
Subj: This wasn’t in the job description
Date: 12/11/94

I just spent a good chunk of my day hanging out with a Marvel Comics artist at a Ventura bar watching the 49ers game, and I got paid for it.

God bless America!

[Hey, I was singling out internet folks for everyone’s amusement even back then! EDIT: These are two people I found on Usenet…neither of them are me!]

MsgNum: 2222
From: Mikester
Subj: Found on the Internet
Date: 03/12/96

Newsgroups: rec.arts.comics.misc
Subject: Re: COMICS
Date: 8 Mar 1996 21:53:37 -0500


>You people are very dumb. You pay large amounts of money
>for pieces of paper that you think will give you something
>to fall back on in your retirement
> Well guess what , they are just books, and if all of you
>buy up the smae books and keep them in mint condition
>all fo you won’t be able to sell them in your ripe old age,
>when you are a fat smelly old person who can’t work anymore.
>Thats what i think of your little business

Your such a moron. You don’t know what you’re talking about! I’ve been collecting comics for only five years and already my collections worth four times what I paid for it all together! I’ve got two unopened copies of the Death of Superman and all together their worth over a hundred dollars! Plus I’ve got multiple copies of hot number ones like Gen-13, Spawn and more. Maybe I won’t have enough miney to retire on in a lot of years but I can tell you one thing I’ll have more money than you. So our “little business” is more valuable than you think!

[And here’s a little bit from the front lines of the thoroughly-crashed comics market….]

From: Mikester
Subj: News…
Date: 03/06/96
Reply-To: 786

Valiant is STILL around, which absolutely baffles me. Their days of wine and silk and expensive butter are long over, but their shambling corpse of a company still staggers onward. The only regular titles they have are Turok, Eternal Warrior, X-O Manowar, and Bloodshot. Their only other two “name” titles of their superhero universe, Magnus Robot Fight and Solar, are both canceled. The Windjammer line of creator owned comics is gone (along with all the formerly-Continuity titles). The line of Magic comics (yes, based on the card game) is dead in the water, and has been since the line’s inception over a year ago. The ONLY Valiant title that has done at all well lately is the Mutant Chronicles comic, based on another fantasy game. One element in its doing well is the fact that nowhere on the comic does it say “Acclaim,” “Armada,” or “Valiant.”

It’s a slow death.

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