Don’t really have a title for this post, sorry.

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So Employee Aaron has been picking a pack here and there of the new Marvel Masterpieces cards, and these two were in the pack he opened yesterday:

I have to admit, that made me laugh. Also, it once again reminded me how ungainly that helmet of Mysterio’s looks. Seems like more trouble than it’s worth, frankly.


Felt my nerd cred was slipping, so I had to point that I was listening to an album by a Star Trek: The Next Generation cast member.

Also, it seems it’s a rare-ish item, since copies of this CD tend to go for a pretty penny on the eBay. It’s not bad…Spiner croons pleasantly enough, and four fellow Trek veterans provide back up on one song (Jonathan Frakes, LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn, and Patrick Stewart). This group of Trekkers is referred to in the liner notes by the group name “The Sunspots,” but surely “The Away Team” would have been better? If only they’d asked me about this when they were assembling the album 17 years ago.

Anyway, if you have a copy of this, you’re a nerd. You know, like me. Just saying.

(By the way, as I was writing this the Spiner album finished and the iTunes moved to the next album: “Peace Through Vandalism” by the Vandals. There’s some musical whiplash for you.)

Speaking of Star Trek, we’ve lost Majel Barrett Roddenberry, wife of Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, and featured performer, guest star, or computer voice in just about every produced incarnation of the show. That includes the forthcoming Star Trek reboot/remake/relaunch, for which she’d just completed voiceover work earlier this month.

So long, Majel.

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