A most peculiar new comic book release.

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Okay, it seems to do a good job reintroducing the basic Beanworld concepts to new readers, and, well, reminding older readers about where things were left standing at the end of the original Tales of the Beanworld series. (I’d forgotten that one character was hep to another character’s long-standing secret, for example.) I imagine, even as clearly told as this self-contained story is, some elements may be a tad baffling to newcomers, but hopefully it’s a bafflement of the “wow, this is very strange but compelling and I want to see more” variety and not the “what th–? Beans? I’m going to buy one of the seven monthly Wolverine titles instead” type. At any rate, there’s nothing quite like it, and am very happy to see it back.

There’s a brief preview on Dark Horse’s site, and of course you can always pop in on Beanworld creator Larry Marder’s weblog and give him a howdy-do. Plus, Mr. Marder just announced a fan-run Beanworld Wiki, so you can Read More About It if you’d like.

In conclusion: Beanworld – I have, won’t you?

In other news:

  • The new issue of Ex Machina is pretty swell, too. Yeah, it’s the old trope of “creators of the book writing themselves into the story,” but trust me, it’s worth the payoff. Artist of America’s finest comic shop webcomic The Rack, Benjamin Birdie, has some words to say about it in his glowing review.
  • SPOILER for one of the three Avengers comics that came out this week, I forget which one…probably not Marvel Adventures: Avengers:

    So Hank Pym asks someone, this blond gal, whoever she might be, I don’t care, to explain to him what he’s missed since he was off fighting Skrulls or whatever, and what follows are several full-page (mostly) wordless splashes representing whatshername’s descriptions of the last few crossover events, like “House of M” and “Planet Hulk” and such. In the middle of this progression of pages is a full-page ad for the forthcoming “Spider-Man: Character Assassination” story arc and in context it looks all the world like Hank Pym is being told “oh, and then Spider-Man’s continuity was pretty soundly borked by editorial fiat in this awful story, even though pretty much everyone thought it was a bad idea except the guy in charge.”

    Or maybe I’m reading too much into it, and should just let it go. But it amused me, which is more of an impact than I usually get from the Avengers books.

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