Let’s all go to the movies, let’s all go to the movies.

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  • At long last, the DVD release we’ve been waiting for:


    Not quite the special edition George Lucas was talking about here (zipped MP3, under 3/11/04), but it’s not a bare-bones edition either. According to this article, it looks like it’ll actually feature new material, covering the special effects and music, as well as looking back at the film’s release. It will also include the “news featurette” that I’ve talked about before, long ago, in which Howard is treated and talked about as if he were a real person making a film of his life…at least, I think that’s what the “news featurette” is. Or maybe it’s the teaser trailer. I have no idea.

    Alas, one of my wishes for a DVD release was commentary by Howard’s creator Steve Gerber, but perhaps it’s just as well. It probably would have been ninety minutes of Mr. Gerber just sort of sighing heavily at regular intervals.

    There doesn’t appear to be any commentary track at all, it seems, but I’m guessing these guys will pick up the slack.

    It’s due March 10th, just in time for my birthday, he hinted, and if you can’t wait to place your order…here you go:

    Anyway, be sure to read this article for more info…in particular, the shocking art alteration they’re making to the DVD cover! Shocking, I tell you. Start your surely-effective internet petitions now!

  • So you may have heard about that Watchmen movie that’s coming out, maybe, barring legal hoohar. And you may have heard that they’re doing a tie-in video game. Well, Internet pal Dave has the first and last word on the subject, I think.

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