For the record.

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So pal Cully gave me a few records…you know, actual vinyl records that used to be played on “turntables” by running “needles” through etched “grooves,” in case you kids are wondering what I’m talking about.

Anyway, one of the records was Power Records Presents the Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 2, featuring five exciting adventures of ol’ Webhead. On the back cover are five strips presenting synopses of a sort for the stories contained herein, which follow the pattern of “stuff goes down in the first couple of panels, Spider-Man swoops in and opens a can of whupass in the last couple of panels.” One of the strips from the back cover was used by reader Rob a few months back in a logo banner he made for my site…here’s the strip he used (which is a little small, I know, because I’m copy ‘n’ pasting this from the banner):

That’s kind of awesome, particularly that nonchalant “eh, whatever” hand gesture Spidey’s making in the last panel, there. But what’s also noticeable is that the action is very clear. Monster flips out, Spidey swoops in and saves the day. The story on the record may flesh this out a bit, but that’s pretty much the plot, I’m guessing.

Now, this strip has a different result:

So some guy likes to dress as a Conquistador and have a martini in the privacy of his own home…surely there’s nothing wrong with that. But oh, no…here comes Spider-Man and his irrational hatred of all things Spanish to turn out the lights of Professor Cosplayer. And again, I’m sure the story on the record fills in the gaps a bit, but I prefer to look at that strip and think that Spider-Man regularly busts into homes and beats up anyone he finds dressed in historical costume.

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