And so begins Year 6.

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I’ve pointed this out before, that Dark Knight Returns #4 was so late that retailers were sent a little “hey, gang, look, it’s finally out!” mini-poster they could hang up:

I really need to find that thing again, so I can make a better scan of it.

Anyway, as I was going through the Surprise Stash of Promo Stuff I found in the back room, I came across another “remember this book? It’s finally out!” retailer poster. This time, it’s the nearly-a-year-overdue-at-the-time Camelot 3000 #12:

Clicking on that should bring up a slightly larger image.

I’m thinking Ronin had one of these kinds of posters, too, since that series had all kinds of delays as well. I do have a poster specifically advertising issues #3 through #6, but I don’t know if they put something out after #6’s excessive delay.

I wonder if we’ll get a “Hey, Kids! It’s Finally Out!” poster for the nearly-hypothetical, Mystery of Edwin Drood-esque Ultimate Wolverine Vs. Hulk #3. “Three Years in the Making! Surely Worth the 36+ Month Wait!” Could probably use posters like that for All Star Batman, too…well, except for the fact that each new issue of All Star Batman is like a beacon of beauty and wonder that calls directly to the minds of fans everywhere, so a poster would be pretty much redundant.

How you people have put up with five years’ worth of me, I have no idea.

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