"They deserve their rightful place in magazines like Spin."

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January 27, 1986


Frank Miller continues to break new ground in the comics industry. He revolutionized the comic book when he wrote and illustrated the six issue mini-series RONIN*, published in 193-1984. Now, Frank’s treatment of Batman* in the four issue DARK KNIGHT series will prove equally ground-breaking.

“We’re always talking about how important it is to expand the market for comics,” explains DC Comics Vice President-Executive Editor Dick Giordano. “We know comics aren’t just for kids anymore, but it’s difficult to convince people of that.”

Miller’s treatment of the Caped Crusader will prove revolutionary for both DC Comics and the comic industry overall. In feature stories schedules to run in upcoming issues of Rolling Stone and Spin, both available nationally and internationally through newsstands and subscription, Frank will discuss DARK KNIGHT and the comics industry. DC Comics plans to advertise the series in both rock music publications. Other national media coverage of the series is pending.

Notes Richard Gehr, editor at Spin, “I think comics and science fiction are once again on the cutting edge of popular culture. They deserve their rightful place in magazines like Spin.”

The DARK KNIGHT series of four 48-page issues depicts Batman’s last stand. The story takes place 10 years after Batman has retired, when he’s pushing 50. Circumstances in Gotham City* combine with his personal life to put Bruce Wayne back into action for one final time. The series introduces a new, female Robin*; several classic Batman villains; and Batman paraphrenalia [sic] updated and computerized. Superman* will appear in two of the four issues.

The series will be printed in a deluxe format comparable to the RONIN series. Art Director Richard Bruning describes it as “the best of the traditional format with the advantages of new technologies. DARK KNIGHT is more like a series of comic book-sized graphic novels than a comic book series.”

In addition to the national media coverage, DARK KNIGHT will be supported by a four-color retail poster that sells for $4.95 in comic book specialty stores; and a unique three-dimensional 9″ x 13″ counter display card. A recent innovation for the printing world, the three-dimensional point-of-purchase poster has never been used in the comics industry before.

The DARK KNIGHT series reunited for the first time the penciller/writer, inker, and editor of Marvel Comics Group’s DAREDEVIL: Miller, Klaus Janson, and Denny O’Neil, respectively. The series is colored by Lynn Varley. Each contributor has done his/her best artistic work to date.

DARK KNIGHT #1 ships on February 25, 1986, to comic book specialty stores nationwide. Each issue sells for $2.95.

*indicates trademark of DC Comics Inc.

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