Progressive Ruin brings you higher education.

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  • Thanks for playing along with the Sluggo/Swamp Thing vote posts from the last couple of days. I needed something light and silly to improve my mood, and you all really came through. Your comments from day one and day two were, by and large, very funny and silly and right in tune with the tone of the posts. You’re a bunch of swell folks, and don’t let anyone tell you any different.
  • At long last, after nearly four decades of existence on this planet, I’ve finally contributed something positive to society. You may recall this post, where I questioned the physics involved in flinging Rex the Wonder Dog from a quicksand pit up onto a high ledge. Well, said panels and the potentially problematic physics therein have been pondered by honest-to-goodness college professors, as well as used as an instructional tool in an actual college class.

    Thanks to reader Walaka for making my day!

  • Tim O’Neil is continuing his discussion of the ’90s comics market, a topic of particular interest to me (as anyone who’s read my site for any length of time likely knows). He makes some good observations about societal influences on comics content from that period, as well as contrasting Marvel’s and DC’s publishing strategies. Good reading for people interested in extended ruminations on recent comics industry history.
  • Congrats to pal Nat for the tenth anniversary of his company, About Comics! Nat’s a swell guy! Buy his stuff!
  • The newest installment in the insurance industry’s longest running gossip column is up at Beaucoupkevin‘s. As per usual, take it with a huge grain of salt!

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