Carla and Lance.

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As you may have heard, comics blogger and salesperson Carla Hoffman, along with her husband Lance, suffered serious burns as they were attempting to evacuate the Santa Barbara fires.

They are expected to recover, but they have lost their home. If you would like to help them out…here, from the official Montecito Fire Department web page is a press release (PDF download) detailing the Lance and Carla Burn Fund, including information on where to donate.

I’ve only met Carla and Lance once, but I’ve spoken with Carla several times on the phone, as her store and ours regularly do business with each other. She’s always a treat to talk to, friendly and exuberant, and I always thought quite well of her. And Lance was quite the good guy, too, and I know Carla thinks the world of him, judging from her writing in her various blogging outlets. So please, everyone wish the best for Carla and Lance, and hope for their quick recovery…physically, economically, and emotionally.

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