You may be sick of seeing the phrase "triangle number," but I’m sick of typing it.

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  • So apparently the revival of the “triangle number” on the Superman family of books is having its intended effect. (For the uninitiated, the “triangle number” is like a secondary issue number that appears on the covers of the multiple Superman books, indicating in which order they are to be read; e.g. Action #871 is triangle #4, Supergirl #35 is triangle #5, etc.) I had a number of requests over the last couple of days for people wondering where “triangle #3” was, since the regular Superman books appeared to skip over that number. It was in fact Adventure Comics Special, and once pointed out to the folks who’d missed it on their first pass over the rack, we sold quite a few of them.

    Okay, you’d think a big green “NEW KRYPTON” banner across the top of the cover would help draw attention to it…but really, when you stand back from the rack and look at the whole beautiful gory layout, it does sort of get lost in there, so I really can’t blame anyone for missing it.

    And yes, it’s not really a “triangle number” anymore…when they first introduced the concept in the ’90s, the number was in a triangle. Now it’s in the Superman-shield outline, which really makes a lot more sense.

    And in “can Mike get any more pathetic” news, it’s not the triangle number that’s going to get me to pick up the next issue of Supergirl…it’s the fact that the cover of that issue is the third part of a larger image spread out over two previous Superman covers, and I don’t want to have 2/3rds of the image in my collection.

    I told pal Dorian this, and he laughed at me and called me stupid. And then he pushed me down and took my lunch money.

  • ALSO SELLING: That Justice Society by Alex Ross and Kingdom Come Tie-In Superman Sequel Follow-up Book by Alex Ross or Did I Mention That Already? comic I was complaining about the price on a couple of days back. Flew off the shelves…nearly out!

    NOT SELLING: First issue of Push, apparently tying into a movie I haven’t heard of. Luckily we didn’t get that many of them.

    WHAT I’D LIKE TO SELL: That new Joker graphic novel. Currently unavailable from our distributor. Multiple requests from customers every day. Ah, well.

  • COMMERCIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Have some Disney books on the eBay…just clearing out some redundancies in the collection, and frankly, I won’t say no to any money that it’d bring. So bid early, bid often! (And more stuff to come on Monday!)
  • Every once in a while, I just go back to this page Kevin Church put together, based on this post of mine from last year, and sit and stare and let it soak in. I half-suspect Kevin is using this to somehow brainwaMUST DESTROY THE HU-MANS

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