Links and a question.

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A few items of note:

  • Pal Nat’s running a contest to find out what you…yes, you…would do with a blank comic book. Prizes aplenty to be given away! And it just so happens that Nat’ll be offering five-packs of completely absotively, posolutely blank funnybooks for your nefarious use in the December Previews catalog, so you can eventually put all that brainstorming over the contest to work. More details at the link.
  • On a slightly related note…well, totally related, since I’m stealing this link from Nat…the entire archives of Peanuts comic strips is now online. Look, here’s the first one. Here’s one with adults in it. Here’s the last one.

    Now if someone would do that with Bloom County, that’d be great.

    And it ain’t all the Drabble strips, but eight years’ worth is a good start. Who doesn’t love Drabble?

  • Was talking to Customer Jamie at the shop yesterday, and found out he’s been putting some of his art on that deviantART site that all the kids are into. Told him I’d link him up, so here you go. Hey, Employee Aaron, look in the gallery for his Hellboy pic!
  • And I learned via his Twitter thingie that TeamSmithy has put up his own terrifying interpretation of House of Secrets #92 (first appearance of…well, surely you must know by now) on his own deviantART page. It disturbs the senses, it does.
  • Stuff Geeks Love continues its march, covering boycotts, zombies, and hot food. Amusing, incisive reading.
  • Just out of curiosity, how many of you out there are still watching Smallville? I feel like I’m committed, at this point, to watching ’til the end just to see how it works out. And, frankly, watching how far off-model they’re getting on the character, because seriously, without some serious Jor-El ex machina throwing a Kryptonian whammy on the people of Earth, there’s not a person on the show who wouldn’t be able to look at Clark once he puts on the tights and not say “Oh, hey Clark, nice cape.”

    My previous explanation is that, since Smallville is apparently the “Head Injury Capitol of the World,” everyone in town who could put two and two together about Clark and Supes have suffered enough memory loss that they wouldn’t remember what Clark looked like. Now that he’s in Metropolis, working as a reporter for a major newspaper after his apparent half-semester of college, I’m guessing enough people without brain damage have seen him, so maybe that excuse wouldn’t fly any more. Who knows.

    However, I have been enjoying this season well enough…so long as they’re giving Clark superhero-y things to do, and not doing the usual “everyone look weepy-eyed at each other and feed the ‘shippers” shtick.

    So…Smallville. Still watching it?

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