In which Mike gets the response he least expected; plus other entertainments.

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So yesterday I decided to e-mail someone at eBay anyway about the whole canceled auction thing I talked about in my last post. I didn’t anything to come of it, other than alleviating my need to say something to somebody there, even though I figured I’d get a canned response. Or, like the last time this happened to me, I’d just get the ol’ “too bad so sad” from whoever was in the office answering e-mails that day.

I e-mailed them, asking that since my Honk! auctions were canned for allegedly being “too mature” for the regular listings, if I could look forward to those other Honk! auctions from other sellers being pulled as well. And the response I got was…oops, sorry, we shouldn’t have canceled your auctions…that was our mistake, so we’re reinstating them.

Whoa. EBay totally admitted that they fouled up, and corrected the error. That was the absolute last response I expected. Now, it could be I just caught someone in the office on a good day, or the person answering actually read what I was saying and looked at the auctions in question instead of just cutting ‘n’ pasting from eBay’s policies, so I’m not expecting this to be the standard outcome when a similar situation occurs again. But it’s nice to know that it’s not entirely hopeless when it comes to getting someone there to reconsider a bad decision.

‘Course, I already sold the mags outside of eBay, but it’s the thought that counts. And I sold them to a regular reader, which is even better. Thanks to him, and again thanks to you folks for putting up with the commercial break.

Pal Scott mentioned in yesterday’s comments the follow-up magazine to Honk!, called Centrifugal Bumblepuppy, another comics anthology. He didn’t much care for it, and according to my records, I only have a couple of issues in the vast Mikester Comic Archives, so I guess I didn’t either. Which is odd, because looking at my collection I seem to have quite a few late ’80s/early ’90s magazine-sized comics anthologies from a variety of publishers. There was Buzzard from Cat-Head Comics, or the Drawn & Quarterly series, or Tundra’s Hyena. All good stuff…well, mostly good, all missed. That sure was a different time in the marketplace.

Employee Aaron went with friends to West Hollywood last night to celebrate Halloween, and aside from seeing men that Aaron quickly realized weren’t supposed to be dressed as Wildcat, he spotted one “Ted Kord as the Blue Beetle” costume and one person in a full-on Captain America outfit. To the latter Aaron said “I’m sorry for your loss,” but “Cap” didn’t get it or even hear it, apparently. Ah, well.

And Joker Costume Count: well, 6 or 7 or so, as Aaron reports not seeing anyone in the costume until later in the evening, when he saw a bunch of Jokers running around in a group, all in the Dark Knight nurse costume. Disturbing.

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