Another commercial announcement…

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…hot on the heels of the Arlo-fest in the last post, but I just discovered that four issues of Fantagraphics’ Honk! mag that I listed on eBay were pulled, because they’re “Mature Material” and need to be listed in the naughty section. Well, as “Mature Material” goes, they’re pretty tame…considering at any given time, you can find Faust or Weirdo or even Eros Graphic Novels (EDIT: and even more aggravating, other copies of Honk! magazine) listed in the regular sections and eBay stores with nary a sign o’trouble.

So, fine, forget eBay…you folks wanna buy copies of Honk! magazine?

Click the thumbnails for larger pics…the majority of each issue’s contents are listed on the cover. 2 and 4 contain text pieces by Alan Moore. All mags average VG to VG/F. 3 has a 1/8 spine split at the spine’s top. 1 has a printing flaw causing some discolored spots along the spine. Each mag contains Big Laffs…only parting with ’em out of necessity, alas.

$5.00 each, plus $2.75 first class shipping. Two or more, it’s bumped up to $4.80 shipping. International shipping: $7.50 for one mag, $11.95 (or $9.95 Canada/Mexico) for 2-4 mags. I take the PayPal, as well as checks or money orders. Checks will have to clear first.

I only have one copy of each, so first come, first served. If you want ’em, just drop me a line at mikester (at) progressiveruin (dot) com, and I’ll send back details. Don’t use the comments section to request ’em…let’s save that for the folks rightfully taking me to task over this sales pitch.

(EDIT: They’re bought! Thanks for your patience, internet pals. I’ll leave this post up for the Honk! scans, in case anyone’s interested, and for my eBay griping…because, really, there just aren’t enough people complaining on the internet.)

Sorry again for the commercial announcement, but it was either this or me blowing my stack in an e-mail to eBay that’ll just get a canned response. KEEP MIKE FROM GIVING HIMSELF AN ANEURYSM…buy his comics!

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