Can you tell that I really didn’t have anything ready for today’s post?

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  • I’ve not been in a Halloweenish mood this year, as I’ve mentioned previously, and I’m afraid that’s getting reflected on my site with a lack of spooky posts and scary scans. (Though I think yesterday’s YouTube link qualifies!) I have been trying to do banners that sorta fit into a Halloweeny theme, which is one of the reasons why I haven’t yet switched over to the random banner rotator that I’ve been promising for months now.

    A couple of my blogging brethren have been picking up the slack, however: Dr. K has been doing his Halloween countdown (don’t miss his great Solomon Grundy costume!), and as I’ve noted before, Armagideontime is doing a Halloween countdown as well, complete with MP3s.

    And I’d be remiss if I didn’t point you in the direction of Plastic Pumpkins‘ celebration of all things All Hallows Eve-ish.

  • Speaking of Dr. K, he recently received a letter from a mother who wants to answer her 4 year old son’s questions about Spider-Man and Superman, and Dr. K gives her the lowdown.
  • Big Bad BeaucoupKevin draws a comparison between Grant Morrison and David Mamet, and discusses storytelling in the comics medium. Good, interesting reading.
  • And since Kevin brought it up in that post:

    Really, Marvel. Rulk. That’s what you’re calling the Red Hulk.

    That’s dumb. And given that this comic is profoundly stupid, that’s saying something.

    I’m not saying I don’t like the new Hulk series, mind you…it’s big, loud and stupid in a way that I’m generally enjoying, even if I agree with Kevin’s particular criticisms of this book. It ain’t high art, it ain’t deep, but it’s nicely drawn and kinda fun in a dumb action movie sort of way.

    But I’m totally drawing the line at calling the character “Rulk.” You folks stop that right now.

  • So I was thinking about a comic which would have a lead Catwoman story by Chuck Dixon and Jim Balent, and a back-up story starring the Ted Kord Blue Beetle, and it would be called Here You F’n Go. Pal Dorian suggested that every story begin with a shot of Spoiler’s memorial in the Batcave, and that there be pages with blank word balloons and a note for readers to “write in your own dialogue, since you, the fans, are clearly better at it then those of us who are paid to do this.” Dor’s title: Quit Your F’n Bitching.

    Of course, we realized this thing wouldn’t even sell Street Poet Ray numbers, since its target audience probably accounts for 0.001% of comic sales. But that didn’t stop us from having some shrivel-hearted, mean-spirited fun.

  • Yes, I was trying to avoid using the word “fuck.” I run a clean blog, here.
  • I also realize the irony of putting that bit of business right after my “Rulk is a stupid name” post, thank you.
  • Do you people even remember Street Poet Ray? Just kind of curious. How many of you have ever actually seen a copy of it? (Would you like to buy some from us? I’ll make you a swell deal.) Here’s a blog entry from a chap at Marvel discussing this publishing misstep.
  • You know, now that DC’s started the “triangle number” system of keeping the multiple Superman comics in order again, they’re not going to get me to buy the Supergirl book, too, since they’ll be slapping that triangle on that book, too. I’m not going to buy Supergirl just to keep the triangle number run complete. I’m not. I’m not.

    I probably am. I hate myself.

  • We’re getting in those McCain: The Comic Book and Obama: The Comic Book titles from Antarctic Press this Wednesday, so we’ve pretty much got a week to sell them. To be honest, that’s a week more than I was expecting since I thought for sure they’d be out after the election.

    As for the IDW biographies of the candidates we received a few weeks ago…we sold out of Obama, have a couple remaining of McCain, and a couple remaining of the flip book. COMIC SHOPS: HOTBEDS OF LIBERALISM.

    Seriously, though, I thought J. Scott Campbell did a knockout job on the covers for those IDW books, which really helped sell them at our shop. Good caricatures, and the candidates’ superheroic poses in front of the flag was perfect.

  • Somehow I missed that IDW actually registered to advertise these books. Might be a dry spell on that site, though, for the next three years or so until the 2012 election gets going.
  • So, how many Halloween-themed books will we see arriving the first week of November? There’s always one or two!

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