French Supergirl is embarrassed.

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This is from another recent store acquisition, a copy of Batman et Superman #6 from 1977:

As the title promises, it reprints U.S. Batman and Superman stories, along with Supergirl and Superboy adventures. The stories are presented in a mix of color pages and black and white, switching off within the same story, presumably as a cost-cutting measure. It’s odd to be reading a story in color only to turn the page and have it suddenly in black and white, but it’s not as distracting as you might think…the print quality is pretty high, with nice clear and crisp reproduction of the lines.

As promised on the cover, the two auto-collants (stickers) are still intact inside, one for Supes and the one shown here, for Bats:

“Me, I read Batman. You can keep your Camus and your Proust and your Hugo.”

Several puzzle pages appear throughout this book, including these two accompanied by a couple of terrifying caricatures:

And there are some educational nature pages as well, apparently taken from the Mark Trail comic strip, since these are credited to Ed Dodd, creator of the character. And here’s Mr. Trail himself getting up close and personal with a fuzzy caterpillar:

My God, that caterpillar is huge.

Anyway, there you go…yet another non-English superhero funnybook that turned up in our store. Not a bad little package, with generally high printing quality and a variety of stories and free gifts…well, just stickers, sure, but still pretty cool.

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