Educational Werewolf teaches you about the Notre Dame Cathedral.

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from Werewolf by Night #16 (April 1974)
by Mike Friedrich, Mike Ploog & Frank Chiaramonte

In other news:

  • Pal Ian has yet another story in Boom! StudiosZombie Tales #6. It’s a spooky one…those with delicate constitutions need not apply! Nurses will be posted in comic shops across the country in case of stress and/or injuries caused by fright! Buy lots of copies so I can guilt-trip Ian into buying stuff at our shop next time he stops by!
  • Matt Maxwell — blogger, comics writer, and handsome fellow — has announced the impending online serialization of Strangeways: Thirsty, a sequel to his excellent werewolf graphic novel Strangeways: Murder Moon. A print version will follow. Pages will be posted three days a week at Blog @ Newsarama, starting October 27th. Tell them Mike sent you! (And watch ’em reply “Mike who?”)
  • Pal Dorian chats a bit about that time Captain Marvel fought ghost pirates. Oh, those ghost pirates…them guys is rascals.
  • Some Mystery Science Theatre 3000-related news:


    The 20th Anniversary boxed set, coming this week. Features four movies, a new documentary, and a Crow T. Robot figure. Already ordered mine…you’d better order yours. I was totally shaking my fist at the screen as I wrote that.

    And there was a new release from MST3K creator Joel Hodgson’s Cinematic Titanic earlier in the month…Legacy of Blood, available on DVD or by download. I just received my copy on Saturday, and haven’t had a chance to watch it yet…but the previous three installments were a blast, and I expect the same from the fourth.

  • Hey, I just realized…we’re pretty close to, if not right on top of, the 20th anniversary of this comic:

    So, how are you gonna celebrate?

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