Oh God, not Batman and Robin again.

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Like the other three posts weren’t enough, I know. But I was checking our Batman backstock when I happened across the comic book adaptation of Batman and Robin, and I decided to peek inside.

This is the first page of the adaptation (by Denny O’Neil, Rodolfo Damaggio and Bill Sienkiewicz):

Yes, the comic actually starts with us watching the crew filming Batman and Robin, and with the actors playing “Batman” and “Robin” on the set in front of a greenscreen (or bluescreen, whatever). Then, with the second panel, we’re immersed in the story, and that moment of kinda/sorta fourth wall breaking is not referenced again…until the last panel of the story, where instead of having “THE END” there’s a little caption reading “THAT’S A WRAP!”

So…metacommentary on the film’s (possibly) intentional artificiality? A reminder to Bat-fans that, not to worry, this isn’t their “real” Batman, only a movie version? Maybe O’Neil just messing around? YOU DECIDE.

Whatever the reason…it’s still a little strange.

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