"That’s where gutter gangs wind up! In the gutter!"

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1. There’s a lot of set-up prior to those three panels, but really, that’s all you need to know.

2. Ah, the ol’ “convenient plank left on a rooftop for a quick getaway to another rooftop” trick. There’s no way that can possibly go wro — EEEAAAA

3. “Jo-Jo?”

4. At least there’s a moral at the end of this story, delivered by Lt. Straighttalk: SHAPE UP AND FLY RIGHT, YOU DAMN PUNK KIDS, OR BE A MANGLED BLOODY BODY IN THE GUTTER.

5. This is another scan from a coverless comic we received recently. Sure did get a lot of these. Also, since somebody asked…the scan from yesterday came from the same coverless issue of Suspense Stories I’d pulled some images from just a few days ago.

6. Yes, it’s another crime comic scan. I’ve been having a busy week…I’m not quite at “Low Content Mode” this week, but it’s pretty darn close. Thank you for your patience…and your readership!

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