"Abner Scanlon was a gigolo!"

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Now that’s how you kick off a story:

This is from a Johnny Craig-illustrated story in Vault of Horror #19 (Jun/Jul ’51), though this particular scan came from one of those double-sized EC reprints published by Gladstone/Russ Cochran in ’90 or ’91, and darned if I can remember which one now. I just happened to come across this panel as I was listing some of those reprints on the eBay (ahem) and I remember thinking at that moment “wow, you never saw a set-up like that in a Superman comic!” (Or maybe you did…there are a whole bunch of Superman stories from the ’40s that I haven’t read.)

Anyway, I like that panel, crummy reproduction and all. And that’s pretty much the beginning and end of my insight, there.

Speaking of gigolos: Chris Sims of the Invincible Super-Blog, a comics site of some renown, has recently announced the launch of his own comics imprint Action Age, which is quite possibly more awesome than we mere mortals deserve. Read about it at his weblog, then gift your eyes with the Action Age site itself. Tell ’em Mike sent you!

Aside from the slabbed ‘n’ graded versions, the inadequately censored version of All Star Batman #10 doesn’t seem to be having quite the panicked eBay sales rush it was a few weeks ago. I’m that much closer to having my own copy!

And then there’s this auction with that Obama issue of the New Yorker being sold in a lot with the ASB #10. …Sure, why not?

And this is just a link to Neilalien, because all comics bloggers must pay homage to Neilalien for paving the way. ALL HAIL NEILALIEN.

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