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For some reason I have a thing for Galactus toys. Don’t have them all (though I set aside one of the above at the shop for future purchase). Some of you may remember Superhero Squad Galactus, which I purchased last year when I was allegedly seeking Christmas presents for other people…and in the process irritating pal Dorian because he’d bought me the same Galactus for my Christmas gift. Whoops!

I also have the 1995 Galactus figure tying into the then-current Fantastic Four cartoon, which lights up and makes noise (but doesn’t say anything like “I HUNGER,” alas). You can read more about it here. And for whatever reason, I passed on a Galactus figure that was offered in the Silver Surfer TV cartoon line…it was the same size as the other figures, but with a tiny Surfer figure is a clear plastic ball accompanying the big G. And I was quite disappointed when the Mini-Mate version of Galactus ended up being a big statue, rather than just, say, a regular Mini-Mate that was twice-up or so from a typically-sized figure in that line.

And there are others (like a “Cosmic Powered Galactus” from 1998, that I can find listed here and there, but no decent sized pics). And this doesn’t count the statues, the busts, the one big figure you had to assemble from pieces spread out over several Marvel Legends figures, and the Heroclix figure/play accessory.

So, in conclusion, I’m not a total sucker for Galactus merchadise…but I’ll certainly give it all a look when it comes out.

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