Why do I have these?

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For some reason, I have a full set of Crime and Punishment, one of Eclipse Comics’ many “educational” trading card sets published in the wake of the publicity surrounding their True Crime card set, featuring serial killers and lawbreakers and lawmen and the like.

I’ve no idea why I have this set. This wasn’t one of Eclipse’s prepackaged factory sets…it was sold in wax packs, and I’m pretty sure, even during my brief trading card collecting phase, I didn’t have enough of a need to learn more about Patty Hearst or Charles Manson to go through the trouble of assembling this set.

I think I may have been given these, but I’m not 100% sure.


In doing a little Googling around about this set, I found a couple interesting things:

First, I found someone on the eBay trying to sell just one of the Manson cards from the set.

Second, I found this court decision involving Eclipse Comics’ fight against an ordinance targeting their crime cards. Makes for interesting reading, particularly the bits about the pro-ordinance folks having to admit that they actually had no support for their claims that the cards were connected to any instances of juvenile delinquency.

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