Something I miss.

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When a 1970s Marvel comic would incorporate a text page into a story, like so:

I mean, as long as they didn’t do it too often. Though this issue of Howard the Duck was pretty much nothin’ but, and that was pretty good.

Hmmm. Steve Gerber wrote both the Howard the Duck and the issue of Giant Size Defenders that page up there came from. And he did this in a Man-Thing or two as well. Mr. Gerber did love his prose comic pages.

Another thing I liked about this issue of Giant Size Defenders was this brief exchange. Nighthawk and Daredevil had met as adversaries before, causing DD to be a bit distrustful of this fellow, but it doesn’t take a whole lot of convincing to get DD to throw in with him:

Of course, Daredevil may have been using his super-hearing to monitor Nighthawk’s heartbeat like a human lie-detector…but I prefer to think that DD, like most Marvel heroes, is just easily convinced (as discussed before – third entry in the post).

By the way, my old pal Cully talked me into buying this Giant Size Defenders, like, fifteen years ago. “Hey, you ever read this comic?” he asked. “Why, no,” sez I. “Oh, man, it rules,” countered Cully, and swayed by his persuasive argument, it’s now in my collection all these years later. And he was right…the Defenders fighting the Grandmaster, an old Dr. Strange reprint, a kick-ass Golden Age Sub-Mariner story…well worth the $2 or so I spent on it.

images from Giant Size Defenders #3 (1975) by Steve Gerber, Jim Starlin, Len Wein, Dan Adkins, Don Newton, Jim Mooney, and a partridge in a pear tree

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