"Recall Explicit Swearing Error Banned Alternate Mint"

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Various ways the misprinted All Star Batman and Robin #10 is being described on the eBay:

Banned edition

Bat-ho variant

HOLY F&#@ All Star Batman & Robin #10 BANNED potty

Batman F-Bomb #10 Recalled Error

Recall Explicit Swearing Error Banned Alternate Mint


Holy #*&$ Batman!! Printing error shows foul language

RECALLED – Swear Words

You know, it’s not really banned, as such.

Interestingly, I found one auction ended with a “Buy It Now” at about ten bucks for a current, non-misprinted version of issue #10. It’s not unimaginable, I suppose…a number of years ago, I used to list brand new comics on eBay every week at cover price, and occasionally one would get multiple bids, driving the price up. But I looked at this auction for the F-bombless version of ASBAR, and found this in the item’s description:

“Corrected Edition
Already Sold Out at Diamond ! Definitive Collector’s Item with Error Variant!”

They’re trying to say “this corrected edition also has an error variant, maybe you’ve heard of it,” which is likely there just to get the word “error” into the description text to grab searches. But I think it’s within the realm of possibility that whoever bid on this may have thought “say, this item comes with the error variant! Woo hoo!”

Hey, it might have happened.

I should also note that prices are coming way down on the misprinted #10…my prediction a while back that I’ll be able to get a copy for about five bucks or so within a few months is well on its way to coming to pass.

  • DC Comics cans its Minx imprint. Don’t have much to say about it myself, other than they didn’t do all that well for us, either, but Kevin Church has some extended commentary (beginning with some joke commentary which, really, may be more true than one would initially think), and longtime comics blogging treasure Johnny Bacardi gets into it as well.
  • All but two of our copies of Simpsons Treehouse of Horror #14 were misprinted, featuring repeated pages. Retailers, check your copies…customers, check yours, too.

    By the way, what I’ve been able to read of this issue is typical top-notch Treehouse of Horror funnybooking. Includes a black and white Death Note parody (in that manga Simpsons style that’s been getting some play over the last year or two), and Gilbert Hernandez’ installment is just downright peculiar. And great.

  • Pal Dorian looks at Green Arrow strutting his stuff, and uses the single longest Green Arrow panel scan I’ve seen on a website. IT’S HUGE.

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