Mike’s draconian in-store dancing policies, and other topics of importance to the young student.

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  • Sometimes the in-store staff meetings depart from the prepared agenda:

    Me: “No, we can’t have dancing in the store.”

    Kid Chris: “No dancing?”

    Me: “Well…look, we can’t have anyone doing the ‘Cabbage Patch’ or the ‘Running Man.'”

    Employee Aaron: “The ‘Running Man?'”

    Me: “That’s right.”

    (sees disappointed looks on the faces of Aaron and Kid Chris)

    Me: “Oh, fine, if you need to, you can do The Swim.”

    Employee Aaron: “Can we do the Hustle?”

    Me: “The Hustle is permitted if…and only if…’The Hustle’ by Van McCoy is playing on the CD player.”

  • Despite the above, our store won Best Comic Book Store in the county for the somethingth-time in a row, according to a long-running local free weekly paper. Number two was a store in the next town over, and number three was the game store we rent space to. They carry Knights of the Dinner Table, you see. Yes, the #3 comic shop in our county is located within the #1 comic shop. I recently cleared some space over near the comic racks…maybe I can open a shop there and we claim all three spots next time!

    All kidding aside, it does make us happy, and we get a snazzy framed award certificate we can hang up in the shop, so there you go.

  • More buttons from The Collection:

    That Green Hornet button is an original, not a reproduction, far as I can tell. And, you know, I thought there were more comic-related buttons in this collection at first glance, but it seems to be mostly music-related or regional interest or buttons like “I’m A Killer Bimbo,” which I’m going to assume doesn’t refer to Betty Boop’s companion.

    I thought this was an odd thing to make a button from:

    …though I suppose it is kinda creepy, given the Hitchcock connection.

    …And I’m still trying to figure this out:

    I’m assuming it’s perhaps a sports mascot of some kind, but my sports knowledge, such as it is, and my Google-fu both fail me. Maybe one of YOU know what’s going on here.

    If ducks in clothing disturb you, here’s a button of a presumably clothes-less, or at least shirtless, duck:

    Not quite sure what’s going on there, either.

  • Some “blogging about blogging is a sin” business…I’m getting closer to beginning the “rotating title banner” function on the site, so that every time you visit a new banner will turn up at the top of the page. Here are details if you’d still like to contribute your own…when I start doing the rotating banners, I’ll have a link at the top of the page leading to a credits section, which will have links to contributors’ websites as applicable.

    It’s about a month away, and I’m just going to start with a handful of banners at first, to make sure it works okay. So, if you pop by the site sometime in the next few weeks, and things have gone horribly, horribly awry (or maybe you just get this page)…I assure you, I’m working on it!

  • Came across this on Amazon:

    Not a collectible card game, but just your standard card deck. Take a look at the Amazon page for more details, such as they are.

    Girly cards are pretty far down my list of expected Star Wars merchandise. Perhaps right after the splayed-leg C3P0 tape dispenser.

    And hey, I’m no dummy:

  • Speaking of Star Wars, I just had this brief exchange with the girlfriend’s 11 year old niece, as we were looking at a Star Wars toy catalog:

    Niece: “I think I can name all these characters…that’s Yoda, that’s R2D2, that’s General Grievous, that’s Darth Maul, that’s Mara Jade….”

    Me: “Do you know who Mara Jade is?”

    Niece: “No.”

    Me: “Just checking.”

    Niece: “Who is she?”

    Me: “She was a bad guy who was trying to kill Luke Skywalker, then later became one of the good guys and ended up marrying Luke.”

    Niece: “Really? How do you know that?”

    Me: “Um…I’ve read all the books and comics.”

    Niece: “You have?”

    Me: “Yeah. Don’t rub it in.”

    There’s a lesson to be learned here, and that lesson is “Mike shouldn’t read so many Star Wars books.”

  • Came across this at the shop the other day:

    The post-crash late ’90s comics industry bore some strange fruit, indeed.

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